Building Global Friendships and Advancing Technology Diplomacy

Contribute to shared global causes and shared political causes with technology development and introduction…

Contribute to Global Causes

Building a new global culture for contribution and participation, channeling our youth energy and creative power to build meaningful solutions that address global issues.

Build Global Long Lasting Friendships

By being able to contribute with technology to others who might needed, like it, or use it. You are on the right path to build long lasting friendships. It is also a path to advance your diplomacy instruments.

Push innovation further

Scientists and innovators has always been inspired by seeing the people need for something better, by actively understanding different country needs, this helps you to be more innovative with much greater contribution potential.

Technology Diplomacy is an initiative to spread the global culture of building friendships and contribution through technology development and delivery. It is an iteration on many years of global collaboration and friendships building.  

In many times of history, nations were in a state of competition over technology and this will remain to be the case, however, in many cases, there were areas of global collaboration in science and technology that result in great achievements. 

The global youth have many challenges facing him, from maintaining global peace and security, to climate change and the future of work, not ending with fostering new global visions that promote a higher quality and more trustful global relationships. 

Technology Diplomacy spreads a new culture that help young people think in a new way on how they can contribute to global causes.  

Current Forms of Delivery

Technology Hackathons

Conferences / Tech Demos with Technology Gifts

Direct Technology Contribution


Let us build a new culture of technology contribution

Let us engage our young people, motivate them be a clear sense of contribution and participation towards the global causes that they care about!!